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The advanced CNC technology provides operators with significantly lower operating costs and greater productivity!

  • The HSD high-frequency spindle provides a maximum speed up to 24,000RPM as standard.

  • Italian-imported HSD high frequency spindle.

  • The servo motor directly drives the ball screw and is transmitted through a coupling for backlash free transmission.

  • The exclusively designed extra-large base structure provides a solid support for the entire machine. This design also features the optimal rigidity and stability of structure. 

  • The base is tempered to relieve internal stress, ensuring that tja base is deformation free. 

  • The moving columns structure greatly saves a lot of space.

  • The double columns move on heavy-duty linear guide ways, featuring great rigidity and stability.

  • Each machine is subject to laser inspections for positioning accuracy, repeatability, screw pitch error and backlash. Full travel positioning accuracy: ±0.03 mm.

  • A ball bar testing equipment is applied to inspect circularity and geometric accuracy. Circularity: ±0.02 mm.

  • Equipped with "Fully dense cable tray" (made by IGUS, GERMANY) to prevent dust.

  • Suitable for: system cabinet, OA office furniture, aluminum, fireproof board, thermal insulation board, acrylic, engineering plastic, copper.



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ADDRESS : No.1166, Feng jou road, Shen kang dist., Taichung 429009, Taiwan

TEL : +886-4-25628397

FAX : +886-4-25628398

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