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YUAN LUNG MACHINERY WORKS    ROUTMAC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has more than 40 years of history ...

YUAN LUNG MACHINERY WORKS / ROUTMAC INDUSTRY CO., LTD  has more than 40 years of history. It is a professional maker of conventional woodwork machinery, located in the Shen Kang Dist., of Taichung City. Yuan Lung gives a new life to the conventional woodworking machinery by establishing integrated system of combining modern management style with intimal demarcation which is cleaving to precise finishing equipment, advanced testing instrument and standardized assembly method.

Following the principles of exact procedure, quality assurance, excellent efficiency and prompt services, Yuan lung ensures the sound qualities of the machinery. In the near future, under the strategical planning of extending services and sales, it will set up a global sales/services network. 

We have a lot of clients all over the world. For the past decade, we have focused our efforts on the production of CNC routers.  Recently, we have integrated multiple boring and sawing functionality with our routers which allows the customer to produce a broader range of products. Our setup provides 9 vertical boring bits and 4 horizontal ones as well as 2 saw blades, all driven by an Italian-built 2.5HP spindle. The router spindle is also Italian and packs 9.6 KW of power. This part of the system includes an 8-tool automatic tool changer, server drive on 3 high precision ball screw propelled axes and windows interface which is easy to operate. The weighing of the machine is over 5 tons to increase processing stability for fast and heavy cutting of wood products like doors, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets and more. It is also suitable for production of molds using materials like foam, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals. The machine is equipped with auto feeding system, auto labeling system and vacuum function. The productivity is increasing with the auto conveyor belt feeding system;the panel can be cutted and bored in the optimizing way.

If you are interested in watching the latest videos of how Yuan Lung Machinery saves manpower in various industries, please visit YOUTUBE and enter “yuanlung” in the search box.


ADDRESS : No.1166, Feng jou road, Shen kang dist., Taichung 429009, Taiwan

TEL : +886-4-25628397

FAX : +886-4-25628398

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